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Delicate Pose



Back Facial

(Deep Cleaning+Mask)
60 mins

Deep clean the back, improve back acne, closed mouth, pimples. Gently exfoliates, making skin improves rough and dull skin. Use the high oxidative properties of active oxygen to detoxify,whitening, anti-inflammatory, cell activation and other effects, make the skin smooth, supple and white effect.Especially suitable for back acne, large pores, dull skin.


Back Slim Facial

(Deep Cleaning+Mask+RF)
90 mins

High frequency management: back moisture removal plastic management, the principle of RF radio frequency + vacuum adsorption.

Deep penetration, remove moisture, cold, toxins, effectively relieve stiff muscles, increase skin elasticity, relieve back pain, shoulder and neck discomfort. The high-frequency heat energy reaches the subcutaneous tissue, increases the tissue temperature, stimulates collagen, and promotes blood circulation and lymphatic circulation.
In short, not only can you thin your back while lying down, but you can also detoxify! Long-term adherence, beautiful and healthy.

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