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Turn your passion
into a personally and financially rewarding career!

P.M.A Academy

At the P.M.A Permanent Makeup Studio Academy, we pride ourselves on providing the most advanced and rigorous classes to teach you how to become a permanent makeup and microblading professional. Our hands on training and one-on-one instruction avoids long class schedules and gives you the most direct experience so you can begin your career as a permanent makeup artist. If you are looking for an education with the highest standards in permanent makeup microblading, taught in a professional setting by expert teachers, then this academy is right for you.

P.M.A is recognized worldwide as a permanent makeup pioneer, and has spent the last 10 years developing Ivy's  one-of-a-kind techniques.  She’s highly sought after by her extensive client list including celebrities, and now you have the opportunity of a lifetime to learn Ivy’s methods directly from the master herself!

P.M.A Academy will train and certify you with Ivy’s exclusive microblading course, natural-looking cosmetic “tattoo”, and micropigmentation application methods.

Become a P.M.A certified technician and enjoy working in a field you love, creating your own schedule, enjoying a significant income (six figures are very possible!), and making a difference in women’s lives.


Get an inside look at the P.M.A Permanent Makeup Studio microblading academy to see what makes us stand apart.

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Microblading Course

Get certified in the latest permanent makeup techniques

Microblading is a natural-looking, semi-permanent makeup “tattoo” that turns even the sparsest, uneven and misshapen eyebrows into gorgeous, perfectly arched ones, with results lasting one to three years. The procedure saves women countless hours of makeup application and stays on perfectly even while sweating at the gym or going for a swim.

With the P.M.A Academy, you now have the opportunity to empower people to feel beautiful, make your own hours, and earn significant income in a field you’re passionate about! Nowhere else can you learn the coveted Ivy Lee permanent makeup methods than from Ivy herself. You’ll learn all of Ivy’s secrets that she has developed over her 10 years of being a world-famous permanent makeup artist.

P.M.A Academy classes are kept small to maximize teacher one on one instruction. You’ll get an in-depth look at the permanent makeup industry, dos and don’ts, basic to advanced 3D eyebrow tattoo techniques and the latest safety standards.

As a P.M.A certified permanent cosmetics technician, you’ll be on your way down the path of a personally and financially rewarding career.

Microblading Academy Includes:

Brow Artistry

  • Artistry of shaping eyebrows and using natural hair patterns to create realistic strokes

  • Client consultation – Proper evaluation of all client factors

  • Recommended patterns for different ethnicities and facial shapes

  • Basic to advanced eyebrow shaping techniques

  • Microblading aftercare and touch-up guidelines

Color Theory

  • Learn to match any skin tone

  • Practice on four live models

  • Learn about pigment ingredients

  • Pigment types and colors

  • Proper mixing of pigmen

Safety Guidelines

  • Keeping your station sterile

  • Equipment safety procedures

  • Bloodborne pathogen training

  • Contraindications: Medical issues that can prevent procedures from occurring

  • Microblading Equipment use and safety

Additional Training

  • Forms and management skills

  • Business location guidelines

  • Proper business certificates & licenses

  • Insurance you should carry

Business Management

  • Forms and management skills

  • Business location guidelines

  • Proper business certificates & licenses

  • Insurance you should carry

Microblading Kit

  • A deluxe kit that includes all of the microblading tools and accessories you will need to start your permanent makeup business

Deluxe Study Guide

  • Detailed course information including practice sheets and workbook


  • Certificate of completion of Microblading course signed by P.M.A.

Digital Access

  • Post-training access to Cindy Choe for questions and support

  • Work directly with Cindy and her clients

  • Complete your clients’ follow-up procedure

Online Store Access

  • All of our Academy students receive special Student pricing for all items within our store!

Class Schedule

Fundamenal Course (9am--5pm)

5 Days


Advanced Course (9am--5pm)

5 Days


Please call our Office for information on upcomming class dates 626-510-0680 

Contact us here.


Check out what our clients are saying about the Cindy Choe Studio and everything it has done for their confidence and quality of lives!

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