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Custom Facial

60 mins
Frist time  $78
Skin Care

Perfect for all skin types and conditions. A customized experience that base on your skintype and needs.  Includes Cleansing, Steam, Enzyme Papaya exfoliation, face and neck shoulder massage, and HydroJelly mask with LED light treatment. , finish with  intense moisture.


(Deep Cleaning)
100 mins
Frist time  $99

Using nano-level bubble water, combined with the principle of vacuum negative pressure, through the formation of a vacuum circuit, the ultra-fine bubbles and the nutrient solution are fully combined, and the specially designed spiral suction head directly acts on the skin, and can keep the ultra-fine bubbles for a long time. get in touch with skin, promotes exfoliation. The combination of ultra-fine air bubbles and adsorption can thoroughly remove various impurities, mites and oil residues in the infundibulum of the hair follicle in a safe and pain-free state.
At the same time, the funnel of the hair follicle is filled with nutrients, providing lasting nutrition for the skin, making the skin moist, delicate and shiny.

Mummy Treatment + RF

90 mins
Frist time  $149

A very popular skin care program in Korean dermatology, it can not only achieve the effect of V face, but also can lift muscles, remove dark yellow and puffiness, activate cells, promote blood circulation, and accelerate new skin.
Metabolism, moisturizing, shrinking pores, firming skin, face-lifting technology without injections.

High-frequency instruments use high-frequency electromagnetic waves to conduct electricity through the human body. This conduction causes heat inside the body tissue, so it is called deep heating.

This promotes blood circulation, lymphatic circulation, accelerates metabolism, and has a significant effect on nasolabial folds, small fine lines and canthus wrinkles.


24K Gold Treatment

75 mins
Frist time  $178

Detox and Antioxidant: 

Gold Peel with 24K Pure Gold Foil Powder, through the way of negative ion replacement, put the skin inside,the heavy metals and various harmful substances are discharged, and the fine the pure gold of the particles penetrates the skin and detoxifies the skin change.

Smooth Fine Lines:

(GAMMA) PGA, which has a moisturizing effect more than 10 times that of hyaluronic acid, is introduced into the deep layer of the skin at the same time, so as to provide nutrition to the skin, reduce inflammation, and stimulate the skin's natural moisturizing effect.


Whitening and Firming:

Delays the loss of collagen and elastin and consumption, prevent skin sagging and sagging, stimulate the basal layer cell growth, making the skin healthy and elastic. reduce skin damage caused by UV rays, eliminating freedom base, inhibit melanin secretion, prevent skin aging.

Special Eye

Frist time  $99
45 mins

French DEERSI eye management cell activation solution activates eye cells, small molecule repair the re-cream penetrates into the dermis layer of the eye, and is now a strong collagen sheet reorganized eye fiber mesh, 24K nano gold powder moisturizing, lightening and reducing wrinkles, the upgraded styling gel awakens the most beautiful eyes.

For lightening dark circles, eye bags, eye lines. Replenish collagen to restore elasticity, suitable for sensitive skin. Solve all eye problems, improve fine lines, tighten eye bags, lift and firm, soothing massage, lighten dark circles.

Beauty Cream

Stem Cell Treatment

(Cell Repair)
Frist time  $128
75 mins

Stem Cell Serum is excellent for sensitive skin repair and anti-wrinkle! sensitive skin,plain face, problem skin, the effect can be seen at one time.

Whitening: Inhibits pigmentation and pigmentation caused by freckles, melasma, trauma, etc.It has a whitening effect and repairs damaged skin.


Improves Skin: Promotes cell proliferation, improves skin and damaged tissue, and effective for acne and irritated skin, soothes the skin and improves inflammation effect.

Moisturizing: Helps restore elasticity to skin damaged by UV rays and irritation.

Add On

Omega LED Light Therapy
20 mins
Deep Clean Scrub
10 mins
Oxygen Infusion
15 mins
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