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Houston,TX Location :  830 S Mason Rd,#B3,Katy,TX 77450
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Diamond Bar Location :  20657 Golden Springs Dr #203, Diamond Bar, CA 91789
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Every service includes a complimentary 3 month follow up.

You are already familiar with microblading for eyebrows, but do you know that microblading is also getting famous for hairline too.
Yes, you heard right. Microblading for hairlines is trending in esthetics clinics. Nowadays, many people, especially men, are opting for microblading for hair loss. Moreover, microblading is less invasive as compared to other hair loss treatments. This semi-permanent procedure has been expanding further and isas  famous as scalp micropigmentation.

What Is Microblading For Hairline?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattooing technique to mimic natural hair to cover the thin hair. Previously this procedure was exclusive for eyebrows, but nowadays, estheticians are doing it to improve hairline appearance.
Simply when this procedure is strategically done for scalp and hairline, then called hairline microblading.


Almost the procedure is the same as microblading for eyebrows, but it is a little bit tricky. Micro incisions are made in the epidermis of the skin, and then pigment is inserted by making hair-like strokes. Estheticians try to blend the mimic hair lines seamlessly into the natural hair that is there to give a perfect look.

Before the procedure, there is a consultation session between the esthetician and client to discuss many things like the color of pigment, thickness, and concerns regarding the procedure. This meeting allows the esthetician to choose the right color matching with your hair to give a natural look.

Overall it is a safe procedure, but treated areas can be red and swollen. First few days after the procedure need extra care and attention.

Post Care

First, of Al, keep calm and relax. Don’t take any kind of stress.
Don’t use any blood thinners and leave the caffeine almost one week prior to this procedure.
Don’t use any shampoo or scalp cleaner with harsh chemicals prior to this procedure because it can irritate your skin.
Moreover, follow the post-care instructions given by your esthetician.

Differences Between Microblading Hairlines For Male And Female?

The basic procedure of microblading for hairline is the same for both men and women. Usually, women go for front hairline microblading while men go for front and crown of their heads, while some men go for overall scalp coverage. Hair loss is most common in men than women, so men are more inclined to this procedure.

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