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Pink Makeup


Houston,TX Location Price List
Houston,TX Location :  830 S Mason Rd,#B3,Katy,TX 77450
San Diego & Diamond Bar Location Price List
Diamond Bar Location :  20657 Golden Springs Dr #203, Diamond Bar, CA 91789
San Diego Location :  3023 Bunker Hill St Ste 102, San Diego, CA 92109

Top Technician

Eyeliner Color Correction(add)
Eyeliner Color Remove

Advanced Technician

Eyeliner Color Correction(add)
Eyeliner Color Remove

Every service includes a complimentary 3 month follow up.


Eye liner is important in your daily make-up routine to define your eye or create the look of a wider or smaller eye. 

How it works?

Our high qualified technicians will first consult with you to find out what look do you want for your permanent eyeliner look. After that, when the procedure begins, we will use topical anesthesia to ensure theres no discomort during the procedure. Your technician will use a special tool to apply eyeliner pigments into your skin and it will fade in 1-3 years. Procedure usually takes between 1 -2 hours and you'll be able to enjoy your new look immediatly!

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