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Facial Treatment


Whitening-Derma Booster

60 mins

Through the MTS transdermal technology, the blue copper titanium stock solution is introduced into the dermis layer, and the "deep whitening" is realized from the deep layer of the skin. every do once, fade once, the effect is remarkable! Every time you do it 2 weeks apart, 6 times a course of treatment, from the inside to the outside.


Acne-Derma Booster

60 mins

MTS acne treatment mainly uses positioning needles to stimulate the skin, making a large number of tiny channels, so that the active ingredients are directly transported to the skin tissue, so that the skin can be nourished and nourished, and the skin tissue can quickly absorb nutrients and active ingredients, so as to play its role. It can repair damaged cells, accelerate metabolism, and promote cell regeneration and division.

Effectively solves acne-prone skin for many years, can reduce acne and the exacerbation of acne, accelerates the resolution of inflammation, tightens pores, but also your clear and smooth skin.


Placentex +Stem Cell

(Tightning Pore)
60 mins

Placentex+Stem Cell: Focusing on the overall regeneration function of the skin, it is a safe operation method that has obvious effects on skin redness, fine lines, pigment accumulation, whitening, pigmentation, scars, acne and other phenomena. With baby needles, the skin can be restored to a baby-like state.

Stem Cells: Helps deeply hydrate & regenerate skin, visibly reduce fine lines & wrinkles, and make skin pores firmer like a baby.


Aqua Hydrate

 (Moisturize+ Nutrition)
60 mins

It breaks through the skin absorption barrier and instantly activates autologous collagen by means of negative pressure, completely solving the problem that skin care products are not easily absorbed through the epidermis.

Strongly tightens the skin, stimulates the proliferation of elastic fibroblasts, and protects the dermal connective tissue the integrity of the skin is firmed and fine lines disappear. Whitening and moisturizing, lightening pigment, making skin fair and translucent.

Target: cosmetic ineffectiveness, decreased absorption capacity, can be comprehensively improved, and maintain treatment efficiency increases. Moisturizes, hydrates, increases skin elasticity, and promotes collagen regeneration.



60 mins

Fillmed135HA: Become a lady-level water light, known as the Hermes in the water. It has excellent Jiaguang water-locking anti-wrinkle, eliminates fine lines, can stimulate the self-repair ability of cells, strengthen the skin's defense ability, revitalize the skin and resist oxidation, provide nutrients and oxygen to the skin, open pores, and the skin contains rich The skin function can enhance the charm of the skin.

Placentex: The pure white needle of salmon that infected the skin is currently the only anti-injection needle in the world, the ingredients that can be used to cleanse the skin and increase the main effect of his flour and elastin.


Extracting the nutrition of salmon, which is the most similar to the human DNA combination, extracts many whimsical nucleic acids, which can improve the normal condition of the skin and fundamentally solve the problem of skin aging.

The combination of the above two will improve skin aging problems, nutrition, hydration, anti-aging, all at one time.

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